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Pukulan kung fu mixes the powerful strikes and attacks of Indonesian Pencak Silat with the smooth beautiful art of Chinese Kung Fu. This combination creates an art that is calm and relaxed yet extremely deadly. Pukulan kung fu begins with cuntao. Cuntao is a complete self defense system. After cuntao comes the several forms of Pukulan. Djurus or 4 direction animal form, and langka, which means pace or step, is a combat simulation form. The langkas are broken into three numbered 1 through 3 or satu, dua and tiga. After the forms you learn the mixture of Indonesian and Chinese stances. And through out your advancement you are always learning strikes, proper techniques, how to breathe, and how to push your body beyond physical limits.

Looking for new students. If you are interested in training with us. Contact either person on the contact page.

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Recent Events

2/23/10 - Mas Jon will be taking his brown sash test march 31st

8/26/07 - Mas Adam will be taking his black belt test. Wish him luck

3/4 - 3/5/2006 - Adam fights in San Shou competition in Columbus for the Arnold Martial Arts Festival

4/1/2006 - Adam takes his brown sash test and passes it. After doing the Langkas and Djurus, then all the stances, then a 4 mile run, after the run he was met with three fights to finish it off.

6/17/2006 - Penjaga fights in the octagon and wins. Our first fighter to fight in MMA combat. After a brutal first round where both fighters got cut open, Penjaga managed to reverse his opponent who had him mounted and got him to submit by arm bar.


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